Grant Boyce Race Report @ Nant G

March 12, 2012



Grant Boyce
Race Report
British Winter Series
Nant G

Another great weekend on the bike, and so happy to start of the 2012 season the track was really good fun to ride and smash out loads of runs the weather was great all weekend which was a massive plus point. I was feeling really good all weekend on the bike and felt great and was really looking forward to racing my seeding run on the sunday went quite well i hit all my lines on the top section and gave it 50% on the bottom pedal section as i didn't want to tire myself out, i ended up having the fastest seeding time which i was really pleased about and i knew i could go a bit quicker on the top section and i could give 100% on the pedally section and take of a good few seconds in my race run. In my race run i was first to ride after qualifying first so i did feel a bit of pressure and ended up crashing a few corners in and blew of the track and down the banking so i had to scrap that run and was all focused on the second run i was having a really good top section and then coming towards the bottom section i got tangled up in a tree and went down again i got straight back up and then gave it everything on the bottom section but my time was still five seconds slower than my seeding time so i was gutted as i really wanted the fastest time of the day and i knew i had it but on the upside i did end up winning the expert category which i was happy with and i still was third overall with a crash that lost me a load of time :/ so hopefully thats all my crashing done for the year really cant wait for the first round of pearce cycles in bringewood next weekend and so happy to be back racing hopefully i'll be able to redeem myself and get a good finish there. 
Cheers Grant 

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