Orbea OCCAM TR - DEMO BIKE Available

We have available a Medium Orbea Occam TR Demo Bike! Why not try it! Its fast!!

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 Starting at £1599 and topping out at £5679 the range and spec is super competitive and is winning reviews in magazines all over the world!

Find out what a recent customer of our had to say after a test Ride! 

Test Ride Orbea Occam TR

I was curious about a 29er as ive never ridden one before and heard a lot about positive/negatives for the wheel size, so I was happy to take the Demo Orbea Occam TR out from the Bicycle Doctor in Porth.

Looks wise it seemed really pleasing to the eye with nothing putting me off and the colour scheme was fantastic, in satin and green frame.

Off to Afan Argoed i went for some solo riding and a game plan forming in my head, to best test this bike out.

Y Wal was first and I thought id just leave it in the middle setting (trail) front and rear and attack the trail, I must be honest I wasn’t expecting a lot as id heard a lot of negative 29er remarks, like they don’t turn etc and I really didnt like the concept of a 1 x 10 drive train, so the odds were against this bike.

On the trail, I didn’t feel out of place with this larger wheel size, it felt really comfortable in the cockpit/geometry point of view, with a couple of stops to tweak the seat etc, it felt stiff and precise, which is a bonus if you like to climb and those who know me in the Club, know I like climbs……..

I know this trail quite well and on some of the rutty difficult parts, this bike rolled over them with ease, causing me to look back to see if any repair work had been done but nope the bike rolled over it all seamlessly. I was starting to enjoy this experience and on one of the forestry road climbs, I came across a few riders and noticed on passing a few, they were trying to push to the top, I embraced this and pushed the Occam, which responded by maintaining its front position gripping and accelerating to the top, more smiles.

In my head I was only interested on the descents now, as this bike seemed to handle the rest, so time to see how quick it could respond to changes of direction and a bit of speed. This is where the bike came into its own, quote from website “You won’t find a dozen bearings or complex linkages driving a strange proprietary shock.” This bike handled brilliantly, it went were I pointed it, responding brilliantly to the lumps and bumps at speed, it did not feel like a 29er, more like a 650b or at times in the tight stuff better than my 26 inch.

Quick blast to the visitor centre, Penhydd & Blue Scar next, time to play with the suspension, soft and lockout etc, doing attacks and steady riding where my legs would let me, I did not want to stop riding this bike but by the time I was on the last trail I was getting tired but smiling and loving the experience.

I went out thinking I would not like this this bike but loved it and eventually when I checked my phone I had several missed calls from the shop asking when the bike was coming back, the answer was I didn’t want to. I think this is a 1 bike that can do it all and have fun.


Occam TR is a 120mm platform with 29” wheels - lightweight, refined and capable. Is the perfect choice for trail riders who love long, fast rides over varied terrain with maximum efficiencys.

Those who prefer long days in the saddle and crave a balance of downhill speed and lightweight stability, choose Occam TR.

Occam AM pairs 140mm of travel with 27.5” wheels and a slightly burlier stance. Is the perfect choice of riders who want more travel and maneuverability. For technical descents where quick handling and increased travel are preferred.

Those who are looking for a bit more fun on the descents and want a bike with a rugged specification, choose Occam AM.


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