Quite often we here the question “what should I eat before a Event?”  

There is not a simple answer to this. However there are some tips we have picked up over the years that we can share with you and hopefully help you on the road to enjoying a successful event this year! We have broken this down in to two types of riders. The Competitive and the non competitive who doesn't really care too much about times just wants to complete the event.

"I have entered a Sportive this year, what advice would you give me as regards to Nutrition? I consider myself to be a leisure cyclist and my main aim is to finish the event rather than break any records."

 So my questions:

1.    What should I eat the night before to give myself the energy I need?

Don't eat anything too different. Your meal should be a normal healthy meal try to include things like Pasta,Sweet potato, Breads, and rice with some chicken and vegetables like broccoli.  These will help get enough Glycogen stores in to your muscles. Be warned though don't over do on the pasta you will just end up feeling bloated and full the next day and could leave you with something called muscle block. (your muscles will feel heavy and wont work properly!)

For the more competitive rider or if you have entered something a little longer then Carb loading before the event will certainly help you. We will Bring you more on Carb-Loading in the next blog. 

Dont forget to drink plenty of water pre event. Something you should get into the habit of doing day to day

 2.    What should I eat for breakfast?

Doesn't matter if your a pro or seasonal rider, porridge is a perfect start to your pre race breakfast. Try to eat 2 hours before the event start if time allows. I tend to add at least two cups of coffee to this just to make sure I'm awake! Then again im not a morning person. Orange juice, Sports Drinks even a energy bar is also great! Try to stay away from Proteins such as eggs for pre event breakfast. This will just slow your carb digestion down.

 3.    What should I eat and drink during the Event?.

 As long as you have eaten correctly day/night before, the first hour your glycogen stores should be enough. The easiest way by far to eat whilst riding is to use gels and energy bars. Aim to take at least one gel every hour. For more intense events or long races aim for 1 gel and 1 energy bar every hour. Zipvit Gels provide double the 2:1 maltodextrin/sugar load of most similar priced gels and gives you 50g of fast acting Carbohydrates in one gulp! 

A good idea is to try a mix of water, electrolyte drinks and energy drinks in your bottles. Again try to consume 1x500ml bottle per hour. Pro riders will tend to use a mix. Water in one bottle and Electrolyte mix in another, even increasing the strength in warmer weather. This will take care of your hydration and the salts you loose through sweating. Gels and energy products are not for everyone. Take a look at the video at the bottom of the page and see the secrets of the peleton.

Here are some great tips from former pro cyclist Daniel Lloyd




4.    What to do after the event?.

Just after the finish is the most crucial part of the recovery process. A recovery drink is the best way and will include enough protein to repair your muscles whilst replenishing all those carbs you have just burnt! Or as I would, just hit the bar for a cold well deserved beer! 

 5.    When to Stop Training

Ride, Train as normal up to three days prior to the event. Don't overdo it in the week prior and remember never try anything for the first time before a big event! Always test it first! everyone's different!

 How to increase Glycogen levels the day before????

If you want to find out a little secret on how to increase your glycogen levels dramatically the day before an event, drop us a message or call into the shop and we will happy to reveal how! 




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