Tour of Pembroke Sportive 2014 Review

No less than twenty Bike Doctor Club Riders traveled to st Davids to experience The Tour of Pembroke!

The ride starts in the beautiful St Davids which is the smallest city in Europe 

The event draws big numbers,1500 had signed up and the event was full! Being in such a beautiful part of Wales many riders brought Family and friends and this just added to the great atmosphere!

The sign on was run by enthusiastic volunteers and Si Entries (the same company we use for our Valley Velo Sportive)  


The Weather Forecast made everyone a little concerned at the start. From being a Sunny warm day on Friday word soon got around that Heavy Rain and 40mph Winds were predicted for the day, making the 10900 Feet and 108 Miles even more of a challenge.

The Climbs are what people travel here for, and that’s exactly what they got! 30 Miles in after a fast start with fellow Bike Doctor Riders the climbs came thick and fast and so did the promised turn in the weather! Hailstones, Gusts and torrential rain added to the suffering.

At the 50 Mile mark the constant short descents followed closely by a sharp steep climb, started to take its toll. My legs started to suffer and I'd be lying If I said I was enjoying at this point. A welcome feed station was soon after and knowing that the Presely Mountain was ahead I declined the offer of home made Faggots and instead opted to fill my pockets with Welsh Cakes and Gels.

At 65 Miles we headed up the Presely Mountain! And Boy did the weather turn for the bad! Never in my life had I experienced Side wind and Rain so strong. So many close calls as I wrestled my bike up and over the pass. Seeing other Riders suffering and even pushing this part of the course gave me the motivation and the energy I had been lacking the past 20miles. (or it could have been the Welsh Cakes I had Stuffed in my gob!)

I eventually joined two Riders from Swansea who for the last 30 miles helped tow me home as we tried to raise our spirits of what can only be described as one #stinking hard ride (I forget their names but if your reading this guys! Thanks!)

My Finish was 8hrs 25 placing me just outside the top 50. So on the whole I was just pleased to have completed the 108 mile ride. Well done to all especially Bike Doctor Club Riders! 

Paul Harvey Sums the day up very well

For anyone who missed the Tour of Pembroke yesterday, don't despair. Here's what you need to recreate it..
Take one Hollywood style industrial fan. Sit on a turbo trainer on the steepest hill you can find. Now point the fan at your face and get a friend to point a karcher pressure washer directly at your face and invite passers by to the throw gravel at you. 8 hrs of this should give a good idea of the pain and misery felt yesterday  Myself and Neil Richards also spent 10 minutes attending to a guy who binned it on a corner and parted company with all his front teeth. He was on all fours crawling around looking for them. Ouchh!! Respect to anyone riding it yesterday in those conditions.


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