Its Arrived!! Winter is here! If you we like or not

You have two choices! You can hibernate all winter or with the help of our guide get out and embrace it. 

You’ll emerge next spring a fitter and stronger rider. It’s all about attitude: if you anticipate that getting up early will be a miserable experience, and spend your whole ride dreaming of those extra hours in bed, it won’t be enjoyable.

See it as a new Learning experience! Riding through Rain, Wind, Cold you will certainly develop new skills 

Get out and ride

1 Get motivated

Be positive! Rain is fun! Be organised. Get your kit ready before hand and make sure you have the correct clothing for the Ride

2 What Kit?

Spend some hard earned cash on decent Winter Kit. This will make the difference between enjoyment and misery

  • JACKET: Softshell and waterproof jackets should provide wind stopping coverage, core areas you need to keep warm.
  • BASELAYER: Often Overlooked! A moisture-wicking baselayer that keeps the body dry is crucial.
  • Mid: A thermal layer worn over your baselayer will keep the warmth in, but should work with the base and shell to let sweat vapour out.
  • Legs: Full-length thermal bib tights are an essential. Knee or leg warmers are great for milder days.

2014-15 Road Fahrenheit GTX Boot

  • Feet : Overshoes are a great choice to keep the wind off and your toes warm. Top of the list are the Northwave Goretex Boots! You will be smiling the whole ride!

Craft Orica GreenEDGE wearing the team-branded Tech Rain Jacket

  • Hands : You need to be able to hold on to the bars, so don’t go for something too clumpy – many winter gloves are guilty of having too much padding on the palms. Look for gloves with windproof backs, because your hands remain static on most rides, and thus get cold quickly. Craft Neoprene are one of our Favorites
  • Head : Cycling Caps are great for keeping the chill off and the rain out of your eyes. For colder weather go full on with a Skull Cap!

  • EyewearAlthough tinted lenses make certain lighting conditions better, clear lenses are consistent in all lights. Make sure the size of the lens fits your face well, because poorly fitting glasses won’t be able to keep wind or crud out of your eyes
  • Chamois Cream:The idea is to minimise friction and keep bacterial build-up at bay, therefore prevent any nasties. If you’d forgotten to apply and get sore after your ride, some saddle sore creams act as a cure to help alleviate the pain, put a stop to any further problems and help prevent infection.

With these few must-haves you can train outdoors in all but the worst conditions. Quality clothing doesn't come cheap, but proves a great investment; a solid winter’s training is priceless. Be positive in your approach – do it despite the weather, not because of the weather.

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