Give a Kid a Bike this Christmas

The Bike Doctor's #Supportyourlocalbikeshop Campaign is dedicated to "changing lives-one bike at a time!" We focus on deprived children living in RCT.


A few years ago, we made an important discovery. We learned that by giving bicycles to impoverished children we could dramatically change their lives by helping their life skills, Social skills and helping them stay out of trouble while improving their health.


"~Bicycles are powerful instruments of change~"

The main focus of the Scheme is to provide disadvantaged children with a positive education and effective life-skills learned through owning and riding a bicycle.

To do so they are instructed in bicycle safety, the importance of obeying traffic signals, and wearing helmets. They are also encouraged and taught the importance of regular exercise and how riding a bicycle can provide that. A bicycle also offers them an alternative means of transportation which can help them feel more confidant and self-reliant. 

"~Help change a life! One Bike at a Time~"



So How can I help??

EASY! Simply purchase a #supportyourlocal bike shop Tee and we will do the rest!

All profit from a #supportyourlocalbikeshop tee will be used to purchase as many bicycles as we can. These bikes will be given to disadvantaged kids within the RCT area for Christmas 2014. The more Tees we can sell the more bikes we can buy! and the more lives we can change!




Your Questions answered

How many will be donated?

As Many as we can! The more Tees we sell the more we can purchase!

Can I help?

Simple! Purchase a Tee In store or online and we will donate all the profit towards the fund

Can my Kids help?

Sure! We will be lookig for volunteers to help us build and prepare the bikes closer to the date

What age group will the bikes be offered to?

We will aim to offer the bikes from 4 years of age to 12 Years of age

How are the kids selected?

We will work closely with partners and carefully choose those who are in need most

Can I simply Donate?

Sure! You can donate by dropping in to the store

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