The past month has been quite busy. I've training non stop ready for the Nationals. The North west tour was a 3 day stage race which included a TT on day one, a 30 mile road race on day two, and two 12 mile races on day three. It was a really hard weekend, which contained some crashes (which I got stuck behind on day 2). Once the tour finished, it was a very long drive home! The national after that was Hillingdon; that was a 20 lap race which was about 25-30 miles. I tried to stay towards the front of the bunch, but that was really tough to do, as there were nearly 70 riders all around me and also trying to get to the front of the race! The last lap was really fast and I tried my best to keep up... I crossed the finish line with the bunch, which I'm pleased about been as I was one of the youngest in the race!

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