Cube Agree C: 62: Road Cube with many new models for 2016

In the Euro Bike media Days Cube revealed two brand new models of classic Agree - with a rim brake and a disc brake with. Agree C: 62 are the two new Cube Carbon Renner - which stands for Composite-62 Technology. Through more proportion of carbon fibers, the aerodynamic frame and fork sets are to be lighter, stiffer, more comfortable and much more resilient.
Allen promises at the fork Cube around 40 percent more comfort - with 10 percent less weight for fork set. Otherwise, a lot of nice details are the new Agree frame to find. Internally routed cables, preparation for Shimano Di2 electronic circuit, an integrated seat clamp, aerodynamic seat stays.

The frame with sporty geometry are of size 47-62 in 7 sizes, conspicuously short are mainly in the rims brake version with the short 405 mm chainstays.

Costs are the new Agree models, which will be available after the Euro Bike, depending on equipment 2500-4500 Euro. UK Prces ar eyet to be confirmed but they promise yet again to be super competitive as ever! 

Until then the cube will also present a completely new entry-level model with the name Attain. In an aluminum variant 800-1800 euros both in a GTC Carbon variant 1800-2500 Euro. And the top model Litening will be featured on the Euro Bike also. Even lighter, stiffer, more consistently on performance designed as Agree.

The Litening models will cost 3000-8000 euros. Attain and Litening will be just like the Agree both in a version with rim brakes and disc brakes available.

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