Lewis Boyce Race Report @ Nant G

Lewis Boyce
Race Report
British Winter Series 
Nant G

Great weekend to kick off the 2012 season at Nant G, weather was great all weekend, had a real good day saturday smashing out the runs trying to get up to speed. Had quite a big crash towards the end of saturday, and hurt my knee, which knocked my confidence a bit but by the end of practise i was back up to speed. I was really looking forward to my seeding and 2 race runs on sunday. Seeding went well put a good run together and that put me into 3rd in youth and 11th overall. 1st race run went to plan had a pinned run hitting everything smooth nailed the peddal at the bottom and knocked 5 seconds off my seeding time  2nd run i knew that i had a good run under my bealt so i just had to give it everything, got really loose in places and started to mess up a few sections gave it 100% on the peddal at the bottom but my first run was the quickest, which put me into podium position of 3rd in youth and 11th overall. so a really good weekend to start the season and hopefully another good position this weekend at pearce cycles #1 bringewood.
cheers Lewis

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