Grant Boyce 4 Week Race Report


4 week report



British 4x

Leamington spa


Tried out something new this weekend and done a round of the british 4x it was a really good day and good fun on the bike i was really nervous all day but it all worked out ok, i was really enjoying practice and had the track dialled i ended up getting three second places in my motos which qualified me too the quarters which i ended up third and got knocked out i was a bit dissapointed but as it was my first 4x race and i was really bad of the mark as i hadn't done it before i was pleased and hoping to have another go soon.



MIJ Taff Buggy


Another great weekend racing weather was good all weekend and the track stayed dusty and loose all weekend which was great fun to ride, my first race run went well i hit all my lines and pedalled everywhere real hard and had a good time which put me in fourth which i was happy with but in my second run i was trying a bit too hard to go faster and ended up crashing and having a slight concussion but overall the weekend was good i ended up fifth and was happy with my result.




Combe sydenham


The track this weekend was a bit different to what the normal tracks are like it was real pedally with a lot of big jumps and fast sections the track was real good fun to ride and i was looking forward to see where i would come up against the expert riders in the british i was felling good on the track and was excited for racing my seeding run was going well until i hit a big compression and had a mechanical which i soon fixed and i was ready for my race run, my race run was going well but i was trying to hit sections too fast and making lots of little mistakes but it was a solid run and i ended up 26th which i wasn't really pleased about but i knew that the track wasn't going to suite me but i do know what i have to work on for the next round and hopefully i'll be able to get further up field.



Pearce Cycles RD2



Another great weekend racing weather was mint all day saturday track was super fast and flowing smashed out 12 runs and was feeling good for sunday. In the morning on sunday the weather was good and the track was still super fast and real fun to ride, about half hour before my first race run it started raining and hammered down the track was soaking and a lot different to how we had practised it all weekend my first run went well i held back a lot cause i didn't know how grips sections were going to be and i came down and finished eighth. Shortly after my first run the rain stopped and the track kept on getting drier and drier and by my second race run track was  dry and i knew to just smash it my race run went mint i had the second fastest first split and lost a bit of time at the bottom and ended up fourth half a second of the podium and one second of the win i was a bit gutted about that but still i was stoaked with fourth and good points for the series, and also beating a few people who were on the podium in the bds showed me that when i get a good run i'll be up there confidence it's really high now so cant wait to do some damage up rheola on the weekend.




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