Lewis Boyce 2 week Race Report


Bds round 1 
Combe sydnem

A great weekend racing round 1 of the British championships at Combe sydnem.
Saturday went okay didn't get that many runs i'n as the uplift took ages. Managed to get about 6 runs i'n and felt okay at the end of practise on Saturday and was ready to get some more runs i'n on Sunday morning. Sunday went well with practise felt good going into my seeding run but as I reached the starting line o noticed that my roller on my mech had seezed solid and was really gutted about that. So just had to role all the pedally bits and nailed the other sections still qualified 19 but was not happy with that at all. Felt a bit nervous going into my race run but I knew I had to just give it everything. Came down into the hot seat and ended up 15th which was ok but hope to do alot better at round 2 overall a good weekend and could not wait to race hopton the following weekend.

Pearce cycles round 2 

Another wicked weakend away racing at Pearce cycles round 2 hotpon. Went up on saturday morning and arrived at 8:30. 
Satuday practise went Ausome smashing runs out with my brother and a few of the boys. Got up to speed very quickly and managed 11 runs on saturday. We had a B&B all hooked up for saturday night and had a really good nights sleep and was feeling fresh going into Sunday. Sunday went really well got 3 runs under my belt i'n the morning and couldn't wait for my first race run. 1st run went to plan nice smooth fast run hit everything mint, came down into first and ended up third after run 1 three seconds of the win. Shortly after my run the rain clouds decided to come out and it pissed down. I knew nobody was going to go faster i'n the wet so felt really relaxed going into my second run. had a mint run hit eveything pretty good and really enjoyed the wet run ended up 3rd overall another podium position and I'm Lying 3rd i'n the series so far. Roll on wdmba round 1 Rheola this weekend at Rheola and hopefully get another podium position there
Cheers Lewis 

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