Grant Boyce takes the win at WDMBA rd2 Mountain Ash

 Grant Boyce

Another great weekend riding, weather wasn't the best saturday was very wet and cold the track was real slippy but real good fun i only ended up doing three runs on the saturday and called it a day because the track was so physical and i knew the weather was dry for sunday so the track was going change. The weather was right for a change, sunday the sun was out and the track was drying up as each rider rode down i was feeling fast and was looking forward to racing, my first race run went well i knew that i had to give it everything on the pedally section and i did, had a good run and ended up first after the first run, i was super happy with that but i knew the track was going dry up and everyone was going to go faster so i needed to put it together in the second run, my second run was going well and i could tell that the track was a lot faster and ended up going 6 seconds faster and took the win i was super happy and pleased that my training is paying off on the physical tracks.


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