A bike should reflect who we are as riders and people.

Orbea is offering up a program they call MyO which allows you to choose the paint for five different areas, from 12 different colors, as well as matte or gloss options and seven different logo options. 


Right now MyO is only available on the Orca, but it’s not reserved for top of the line models only. You can customize the paint on a £2799 Orca M20 or a £7199 Orca M-LTDI and every Orca in between. Its not only paint! On the build you can buy an Ultegra spec Orca and spend your money where it matters, by choosing to add some high end carbon wheels. The entire cockpit, as well as cassette gearing, can also be customized. 11-28? Not a problem! You choose and it gets painted and built and delivered within 4 weeks! 

And the cost for a custom painted Orca? NOTHING! Of course, the last touch is adding your name to the frame, in the same spot Orbea’s World Tour Pros on Cofidis put their names. After that, you choose your local Orbea dealer like us! ;-) and we handle the purchase, delivery Service and even a free Bike Fit! 


Go on! Make yourself a Coffee have a play on the Orbea Website Here 


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