Make Wales a Safer Place for Cycling

Please Help make Wales a safer place to Cycle for all and make "bicycle friendliness" among the top three infrastructure priorities for welsh Government through our campaign #safercyclingforwales

Wales and particularly the valleys are lacking in Cycling infrastructure As a Cycle Shop owner of the past 16 years we have seen a concerning increase in bicycle related road accidents even in the past two years. Many of which are friends and riding partners. 

Our duty to the cycling community is much more than just to supply a bike and this year we pledge to campaign for safer cycling and get the welsh government to understand the issues riders face when taking to the roads. I have ridden in many other countries and which have embraced the change, However We have not! It's time for action! 

What can be done?

  1. We want to see compulsory cycling related questions introduced by the DVLA ton new Drivers taking their tests.
  2. We want the Highways department to ask the question when they approve new road infrastructure or highway plans. Is this Cycling friendly??

Cyclist are a community and when one is hit or Injured we all suffer. Shes a Mam, Sister or Daughter, Hes a Father, Brother or Son.  #safercyclingforwales


Please Sign our petition Here

We want our voices heard in the Welsh assembly and actions taken but we need enough signatures to do this! Please help! 


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