It’s a all to common scenario: Your Bike is broke. Maybe you have a creek or some parts are worn out after a long winter. Or maybe you done a Cai Grocott (our Sat Boy) and binned it sending your bike bouncing down the trail and destroying some parts, Maybe its time to retire your old steed and upgrade to something shiny and new

Whatever the reason, you need to buy new bike stuff. You have a few options: You could buy used from a friend or forum, You could buy from online store or you could buy from your local bike shop (LBS) down the street. Here some reason why the latter is a good idea.


Let’s face it – Money is tight for most. The economy isnt great hasnt been for a while, By spending your money at a local bike shop instead of online you're helping your local economy stay afloat. Think about it – if you buy a part online the entire purchase price leaves your local economy. If you buy it at a local shop, some of it stays. Not all, but some.

What does stay has the potential to move around the local area even more. Some goes to local government that then get re-spent in your area. Some goes to the bike shop employees, who can then spend it again locally, and the cycle continues. Your money gets spent over and over again, in your community, instead of somewhere hundreds of miles away or even in a different country


Some items simply make no sense to buy online. Bikes, helmets, gloves, shoes, and clothing all quickly come to mind as things you want to try before dropping cash on them. But there’s more than that – there are all kinds of accessories that are nice to get your hands on before you actually buy. Grips, saddles, seat bags, hydration packs, and even tools- they're all made differently, and it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re getting just by looking at a photo online. Nothing beats holding something in your hand to see how well it’s made and how it functions. And of course if you’re buying a bike you can actually test ride it at the LBS. Not online.

Not sure what size bike you need? At The Bicycle Doctor we offer you the option of a professional Bike Fit with every bike!!!


Not everyone has the ability or time to work on their bike. Buying a bike or bike part at a local shop has a ton of advantages for the mechanically challenged. We offer free servicing or sometimes your bike may need a gear adjustement! No problem! . Parts bought at the shop are generally installed for less than parts purchased elsewhere. The LBS will also handle any warranty issues you might have if something breaks or doesn't work the way it’s supposed to. If you buy online, that’s all up to you. And believe us It can be a nightmare!!

If we don’t have the part you need in stock, be sure to ask us about it – We can get pretty much anything in just a few days, and you wont normally have to pay the shipping. We will also make sure you actually buy the right part. With all the different standards and component configurations you can easily order something that will not fit your bike or riding style. And don’t even get me started on headsets!

Bike shops have every bike-specific tool you’ll ever need – and the Staff that know how to use them. 


When you buy locally (bikes or otherwise) you build relationships. You get to know the LBS employees and they get to know you. You’ll even consider each other as friends. There are all kinds of perks about that. Because they know how you ride and what you like they can recommend gear that will work well for you. The online store can only give you a list of their most popular items. The good people at the LBS will also help you out in a pinch, especially if you are a regular customer. If you’ve got a big race or ride on Saturday and on Thursday your rear derailleur gets ripped off, the LBS will do every thing they can to get you rolling again. It’s not uncommon to hear of shops pulling parts off brand new bikes if they can’t get the part a customer needs in time. Jonathan recently lent out his rear wheel to a customer  while he was waiting for a part! You’ll never get that kind of service from an online shop.

When the LBS employees get to know you they can recommend the bikes and gear that will work perfectly for you. 


Without a doubt the best reason to spend your money locally is because the LBS gives back to your riding scene. When was the last time an online shop hosted a charity ride or a race in your area? Do they put on any regular rides during the week? What about your local advocacy group, has any online store donated money to them? Have you ever done trail work alongside an online store employee

We put huge efforts in to our BIKE DOCTOR Cycling Club, Events such as our VALLEYS VELO ,FAMILY CYCLE FESTIVAL, Trips and even help run our very own BIKE DOCTOR KIDS CLUB!

We are part of your riding scene, just like you. We are riders, just like you. When you spend your cash at the LBS instead of online you’re helping your own riding scene. The online stores want your money, but they can’t help you or your trails the way your LBS can. Spend accordingly.



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