Play In The Dark
Year 10 sees our range of LED lights once again step up to another level and continue to lead the industry in bike lighting and safety. Still packed with innovative technologies—like MOR Lenses, Constant Lumens and sleek CNC-machined aluminum bodies—our team of in-house engineers continue to push the boundaries of LED technology. Verified in our integrating sphere, our claimed lumens and runtime are accurate and consistent. Diehard mountain bikers, daytime commuters and everyone in between can appreciate our diverse collection of advanced LED lights for their proven performance, versatility and visibility.
Lezyne's Integrating Sphere - How we test lights
Lezyne's Integrating Sphere & Light Testing
LED Features
What's new? Armed with the latest LED technology and advanced batteries, our top end lights see a significant increase in lumen output and battery life. Furthermore, their design aesthetics have been fine-tuned and enhanced to complement these upgrades.
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