Cube 2016 MTB: On the first organized Euro Bike Media Days in Kirchberg (Tirol) Cube has updated models in MTB, Hybrid and Road area. The highlights from the perspective of mountain bikers are on the one hand completely new downhill bike Cube TWO15 and revised Cube Stereo series. There is in addition to the known dimensions Stereo 160 and 120, a stereo Plus with - you guessed it - give 27+ wheels!. All important information on the bikes, we have summarized in this article.

Cube Stereo 160
"Enduro Perfection" - so called Cube, the new 160 mm stereo. The framework will be available in an aluminum and two carbon versions. The existing stereo has been driven by the Cube Action Team on numerous Enduro races, although it has not complied in all respects of the series in order to meet the demands of the driver. An example of the adjustments for the team was the space available for the damper on the downtube. Here the team bikes were designed with extra carbon forms with more space. This change comes now to the end user, so now safely, see the 2016er Cube Stereo (aluminum and carbon) and shock with piggyback place.

It is worth noting that the frame than the predecessor model has slimmed down considerably. Full 400 g weight reduction promises Cube for the aluminum version HPA. Pricewise the Stereo HPA models 2700-3700 EUR, the carbon bikes start at 4,000 EUR, for the top model are approximately 6,500 EUR payable.

Features Cube Stereo 160

The aluminum frame is 400 grams lighter than last year
The standover the aluminum frame could be reduced
Boost148 standard on the rear wheel
ISCG mount for chain guide
Internal guidance for brake pipe and shifter
The Down Tube Guard (down tube protection) with integrated DI2 mounting option

cube 2016          






This bike was perhaps the most exciting new feature of Cube: you have a downhill again in the program. The bike was already on the way with André Wagenknecht at the German Championships in Todtnau weekend.

The aluminum frame will be available in various configurations, which will be as complete Bike 4500-6500 EUR. The weight of the top model is said to be lightweight 15 kilos.

Features of Cube TWO15

157 mm x 12 rear axle
Internal installation of brake line and shift cable
The kinematics have been on the new DHX2 dampers Fox optimized
The Reach is larger than its predecessor


Cube Stereo Hybrid

Cube provides the stereo also in an electrified version. For the 2016er version was a little engine turned backwards to achieve a better integration into the frame. In the same vein also the own aims cover, with the integrated chain guide from. The Skid Plate, is intended to protect the frame and engine now contains an invisible shock absorber , the violent impacts of the engine should take on the ground, the tips. 

By turning on the engine assembly also could chainstays to 18 mm shortened and are now only 33 mm longer than the standard counterpart what the agility of driving behavior should be conducive. For improved stiffness (with same weight as in the previous year) is to boost 148 rear and the new frame design with semi-integrated battery care. New feature here: the battery can be left to charge the wheel.

The geometry is strongly geared to the normal stereos. Depending on the application, there is a stereo hybrid in different wheel sizes.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 to 27.5 "& 29" (split size) - price approx 4,000 to 5,000 EUR
Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 to 27.5 "- price about 5,000 to 6,000 EUR
Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 to 27.5 "- price ca 4500-6500 EUR
Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 to 27.5 Plus - price is not fixed yet

Cube Nutrail Hybrid

The Fatbike there will also be a hybrid version, for the time being, however, only a single model.

Cube Nutrail Fatbike

New - a Fatbike of Cube! The Nutrail prototypes used MTB product manager Sebastian already this winter with new trails to explore (hence the name) - there was simply too little snow for cross-country skiing in the Fichtel Mountains, where the cube is based.

The geometry of the Nutrail largely corresponds to the Reaction hardtail. The framework provides wide tires up to 4.8 "square.

For tire tests then they decided on an intermediate thing from 4.0 and 4,8er slippers: Schwalbe offers the Jumbo Jim soon in a 4.5 "version. The bike will be available in three variants:

  • 1799 EUR: Bluto fork / 2 x 10 drive / Magura MT2 brake
  • 2000 EUR: Bluto / X1 / Shimano M506
  • 2700 EUR: Bluto / XT 2 × 11 / XT brake / 120mm Vario support