1. So, you want to join BIKE DOCTOR Cycling Club?

Please follow our guide to see if BIKE DOCTOR is what your looking for

First, a "health warning". We are a well organised club committed to developing cycling from Beginners to Expert and some of the best Youth cyclist in Wales. We support both MTB and Road disciplines. We are run entirely by volunteers and once you have joined, you will be required to at least occasionally help out with the organisation of events. 

Just some of the benefits of membership:

  • Be part of one of Wales's biggest and best cycling clubs
  • Ride and race with proficient cyclists who have a range of abilities
  • Social events and club trips
  • Proudly wear our famous cycling kit.
  • Members only Spin classes
  • Members only Track sessions every Friday evening at Maindy, cardiff
  • Core workout sessions 

2. Come ride with us...

Join in our Club ride on a Sunday morning

We encourage you to ride with us at least once before joining. We welcome all Riders to our club but for your own peace of mind come and ride with us first to make sure this is what your looking for.

Road Rides normally leave the Shop at 9am on a Sunday Morning with between two and three groups heading out (beginners, Intermediate, Fast Group) Please arrive with nuitrition, water Helmet and a road bike in good condition. We also recommend a pump, Spare innertube and a basic tool kit. Allso bring a few quid just in case there is a cofffee stop planned.

MTB Rides are planned again on a Sunday morning With pre organised Rides held all over S.Wales. Please visit our Facebook page and click on Events tab for latest information and difficulty grading.

3. The Application Form

Don't sweat, it's simple!

Once you have attended a ride you are welcome to Join. Please visit the Shop or attend our monthly Meeting at the Colliers Arms (porth) held the first monday of every month to pick up a form. 

4. Sign your life away...

Before you can make a payment and finalize your application you must agree to ride according to the BIKE DOCTOR code of conduct. It's nothing too scary but we're a big club. We are very conspicuous so when riding with the club or riding or racing in club kit we have to take extra care to make sure we are riding safely and respectfully of all other road users.

Read the Code of Conduct very carefully. Do not proceed further if you feel in any way uncomfortable about signing up formally to our terms and conditions.

If you are happy to abide by the code your ready to go!

5. BIKE DOCTOR Code of Conduct...

  • Obey the Highway Code
  • Red light jumping is very likely to lead to dismissal from the club
  • Ride safely and considerately
  • Always be courteous to other road users or people crossing roads, even if affronted by rude or dangerous behavior
  • We REQUIRE all members to at least occasionally help out, and members who are unable to do so are asked to leave the club after a warning.
  • Wear club kit on club rides and when representing the club at events of any kind
  • When entering Events please enter under BIKE DOCTOR (must be in capitals)
  • Ride a well maintained bike
  • Wear a helmet
  • Carry a spare tube, tyre leavers and pump/gas and basic toolkit
  • When Riding on the road in a group Unless already familiar, learn and apply all commonly used hand signals when riding.
  • Always be courteous to other forestry users you encounter on the trail
  • Say Hi or even a shout of STINKING  Wont go a miss when passing other riders.

8. Pay up!

Once you've agreed to the Code of Conduct you may hand in your membership form to the Shop together with a annual membership fee of £20

9. You're in!


Welcome to the Family!

You'll be able to purchase BIKE DOCTOR club kit and access our actives. We encourage all members that the more they give to the club, the more they get out. We're run by enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about the club. Please remember they have full-time jobs too.