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Lapierre Tapered Headset Replacement

Hope Tapered Lapierre Headset

Lapierre make brilliant Mountain Bikes.  Each one a perfect creation in its own unique way.  Sometimes this can make finding the right spare parts a little more of an adventure.

All Mountain Bike Headsets need replacing from time to time.  Our job at We Love Lapierre, the UKs Lapierre Specialists is to help our customers find the best parts and upgrades for their much loved Lapierre.

For 2011 Lapierre introduced their own tapered headtubes for their mountain bike range.  This isn't unusual as most manufacturers introduced the much improved tapered headset.

Now a universal standard would have made life easier.  But, each to their own, literally!

Lapierre's Tapered Headtube is a different size to others like Orange MTB.  The Hope Tapered Headset is too big as is the Cane Creek version (they sent us).

We have managed to source two options for a complete headset replacement.

One from Lapierre, and one specially compiled Hope version.  We think the Hope one will outlast the Lapierre one.