Prepare your mountain bike for winter

With the Summer over its time to Get your bike ready for the toughest trail conditions To help we have put together some handy tips to not only keep your bike running maintenance free but also to help you save a little coin!

STEP 1 - Get your hose out 

 - Rinse bike thoroughly before applying Muc Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner.

- Spray Nano Tech Bike Cleaner onto the entire bike including components and leave for 3-5 minutes.

- Agitate any stubborn grime with a brush or sponge.

- Rinse entire bike thoroughly with fresh, clean water.

- Dry the bike off we use a compressor it's great for this! 


Next up give your Cassette and Drivetrain a good Scrub using BIO DRIVETRAIN CLEANER

STEP 2 - Time for some new Rubber

Winter tyres come in two options: mud-specific spike-style and all-round wet-weather varieties.

For the ultimate grip in mud, you can’t beat a set of dedicated spikes. The tall, pointy knobs dig in to soft dirt like nothing else, but they also skate around on firmer surfaces and generate lots of drag, making them hard work and slow. For most riders and terrain, we’d recommend using a set of more versatile, less-aggressive winter tyres. With lower-profile knobs, they roll faster and work better over a range of conditions and surfaces. And the best of the bunch can even be run through the transitional seasons of spring and autumn.

Our Riding is a Mix of Trail centers and natural Rides so I have opted for  the 2.35 Magic Mary Up front, since it copes with everything up to the deepest, sloppy gloop, Those massive, well-spaced, siped knobs are key to the Magic Mary’s performance. This tyre is all about confidence and hold in steep, demanding terrain. Cornering grip levels are class leading, and it gives a planted, predictable feel as to exactly where you are on the trail — whatever the lean angle.

For the rear a NEW Completely redesigned Schwalbe! The Nobby Nic 2015 A mix of good grip and a little faster rolling tyre should help me through the winter! Combined with new Sealent and lower tyre pressures im looking orward to trying these out!


Check all the bearings and either replace or clean with Muc Off MO94 and Grease using a good quality Waterproof grease. Pay attention to the Headset and Pivots.



Don’t over-tighten fragile bolts. In this day and age of lightweight carbon components and puny 5mm titanium Allen bolts, it’s definitely worth developing a sensitive touch when tightening things up. Consider investing in a decent torque wrench set with the appropriate torx and Allen sockets; 10Nm ain’t much, and 5Nm is even less, which is often now the recommended torque range for seatpost, steerer and bar clamps. Always grease the threads and base of the bolts first, including both sides of the washers. On twin-bolt setups, nip each one up gradually, holding the tool with your fingertips. Stick to short handled tools and never use a cheater bar extension or grab a fistful of Allen key and go for broke because things will break.


Servicing will rarely involve actually repairing the BB itself. It will usually just mean removing the old unit and refitting with a new one. Diagnosis involves listening for rough sounding noises, and feeling for play or lack of smoothness when spinning the cranks. Remove the chain, spin, feel and listen. Any lateral play (more than 1-2mm at crank arm ends) combined with roughness means it’s time for replacement. Before you get to this point a quick clean and grease of the bearings will sure add a little life expectancy to your botton bracket 

STEP 6 - Check your pads and Disks.

Winter Conditions will take their tole on your pads a little more than dry conditions start the season off with new pads and check and clean your disks with MUC Off Disc Brake Cleaner. Always try and use original pads they will last longer and give you better performance.   



How many times have you gone to true your wheel only to find out your spoke and nipple has corroded. A little Mo94 or Chain Lube on each nipple should be enough to lessen any maintenance issues further on down the line 


Muc Off Uber Wax - This not just gives your bike a trick Shine but helps bead any water and Mud and makes cleaning your bike next time a whole lot easier 



Once the pedals are removed from the cranks, give the threads on the crank arm and the pedal axle a wipe . Apply a little grease and refit 


STEP 10 - Check your Chain

Inspecting the chain regularly and replacing it when necessary could save the cost of replacing a prematurely worn drivetrain.
So what signs of wear should you be looking for? And how should you approach the task of replacing your chain?

The most accurate way to inspect for wear is to use a ‘chain checker’ tool. We use the one from Park Tools, but many brands make them.
Locate the pins on the underside of the checker tool in the chain. The dial on its upper side swings through an arc and stops before the tool indicates excessive wear. A worn chain will allow the device to swing fully through its arc. Replace if necessarily. Dot forget to keep your new Chain lubes Preferably with a Wet lube as it wont wash off 



Witer riding can play havoc with your gear Gear Cables! Nothing worse than sticky gears so if your going to replace them now is the time! Use good quality branded Cables and its worth putting a dab of grease on the end of any ferrules just to help stop any water or Mud from getting in.

STEP 12 - Grease Wheels Axles 


Mudguards Can be cool these days and make a tool for stopping any muck getting to your eyes!

STEP 14 - GET OUT AND RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you dot fancy this or just haven't got enough time Why not drop in and speak to our Staff. Our Workshop turn around Time is quick and our rates are very Competitive. Keep an eye on our Page For Winter Service offer very soon.

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