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2013 Lapierre Zesty 214 wins MBUK sub 2k bike test

"The Zesty has been setting the standard for mid-travel trail bikes for years. For 2013 it just got better…"

The Zesty 214 has been reviewed in MBUK and Bike Radar. Click on the links above to read the full write up.


"the CUBE Stereo SHPC 140 to me is one of the closest to being a perfect All-Mountain/Trail 29″er I have ridden!! Yes it is!"

• Despite its super-light frame, our sample cam out more than adequately stiff and precise. Neither power transfer, nor steering did show any deficits whatsoever.

• The suspension performance has been simply great for my taste and riding style. It´s 140 mm front and rear feel more direct than the seemingly endless travel of the SANTA CRUZ Tallboy LTC (quick review here), but still has a plenty linear stroke to tackle any size bump with great confidence. I really enjoyed it both on my woody home trails as on the boulder strewn alpine trails I took it this summer.

• The shock settings have been well chosen with the CTD Trail Tune Factory series shock – „Trail tune“ stands for 3 additional platform settings in Trail-mode. When in Decend mode the rear end is maximum plush which is great for bombing down the trail but form y frequent ups and down at home I usually ran the shock in the lightest possible platform setting. This compromise took away only minimally from the downhill performance, but added greatly in riding efficiency. On the epic alpine trips I opted for a higher platform setting more often on the ascends, simply to keep the rear dive to a minimum. I tried the super stable Climb mode occasionally but didn’t find it to help in anything but XC-style out of the saddle efforts (which on long climbs I rarely do.)

• Interestingly I felt the rear suspension on Open „Descend“ mode surpassing the F34 up front in plushness and capabilities, which to me says a lot.

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CUBE STEREO 650B SL - Dirt 100 Special Edition £3999

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The ability of aluminium to provide a stiff, responsive ride is increasingly overlooked in a market dominated by ever more affordable carbon frames, but we’d choose the sprightly ride offered by the chassis of the Peloton Race over the dull and isolating feel of some cheaper carbon frames every time.

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The first 2013 Lapierre MTB to get a full review and Lapierre have their first test win of the season! The Spicy 516 hands it to some tough competition in the What Mountain Bike Enduro race bikes test with a 4.5/5!