Trip to the Alps Checklist

 We thought we would give you a little advice if your planning to take your riding a little further and visit the alps. 

Here is the lowdown on what to take. And don't worry, Your first run will rattle your body to bits but you will soon get in to the flow! and understand why thousands look forward to hitting the mountains every year!

Take your own bike

May sound like a nightmare but taking your bike on a plane is easy as long as you do it properly. Check the airline company your flying with. Some class bikes as Sports equipment whilst they may still want to charge a excess baggage fee some simply have a fixed bike fee. Be aware there are weight limits and they can refuse your bike if it exceeds. It helps if you sweet talk the checking desk operator or simply be polite and dont tell them its a huge DH bike that weights a ton and costs thousands!  

We supply a variety of bike bags from your basic bags to your Evoc super organised bags We will even supply you with bike boxes F.O.C just pop in and we will keep you one! 

Slumming it or styling it?

By far the best way to enjoy your stay is chalet or apartment. Most are kitted out for your needs and there are plenty of bars and restaurants if you decide to at out. 

Check our partner A perfect apartment center of morzine owned by bikers!

Lift passes and chairlifts

You can simply show up and pay for your lift pass on the day! Ensure your pass covers all the lifts you want to access. the pass covers most places you would want to ride unless you decide to venture further across to Italy.

Don,t loose your pass! Most shorts will have a pocket for your pass. The french will take no messing on the lifts, They have the right and will take your pass away. 

Trail etiquette

take the first day easy! Use it to get to know your bike Ideally stay on a one or two courses.  

mountain bike trails are graded just like you would see in the ski season, Green and blue runs are basic and beginner trails, red is intermediate and black is advanced and are likely to have some drops and bigger jumps. Be aware!

Bee aware of other riders! Both faster and slower than you, The trails have plenty of space to move over and let the riders through. Trail etiquette is important!!

Don't Crash and Burn!

After a few days your body will start to adapt! Your grip will loosen, your hands wont hurt as much, your body will relax.

Your speed gets quicker and you will be hitting the big stuff! Beware though! Don't push it to far! Remember your not racing, your there for the week. And whatever you do! Quit while your ahead never have that last run of the week!! Instead celebrate at one many bars!


Dont forget! France is typically warm keep your energy levels toped up with torq  it will most help make you ride smoother!

Don’t forget your kit.. (Click for further info)