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100% Anti-Fog Replacement Lens

Need a new lens for your 100% goggles? Here's the good news: all 100% goggles that we stock use the same size lens! That includes the Racecraft, Accuri, and Strata models. So no matter which model you have, simply select your desired model from this list, and it will fit - no question. 

• Mirrored: offers the maximum reduction of glare in bright light conditions for improved performance and visibility. 
• Clear: an all purpose lens provides maximum amount of light allowance for all conditions. 
• Blue: Increased contrast for varying conditions. Ideal for medium to low light. 
• Smoke: Neutral tint reduces glare while providing accurate color perception in medium to bright light conditions. 
• Yellow: Perfect for low light conditions. This lens improves the contrast and definition of any obstacle you encounter. 
• Persimmon: Ideal for overcast conditions. Depth perception is improved with increased contrast. 
• Orange: Increased depth perception and contrast. Great for overcast conditions. 

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Type: eyewear - goggles

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