Compressport COMPRESSION V2 Full Socks

by: compressport

Compressport has created the most advanced and comfortable compression socks. New Full Socks combines all the latest technologies in one sock.


To ensure the best results during exercise and recovery phases. FS3DD are perfect for the plane, the car, in order to regenerate after a workout, or to relieve pain after demanding professions. Discover all the benefits of wearing Full Socks Compressport FS3DD.

 Less Fatigue:

Minimizing vibration and micro muscle injury helps protect against pain and injuries.


They are ideal for recovery after exercise and during long flights or car.


3D.DOTS dots located in many places feet ensure maximum stability and limit the movement of the foot inside the shoe.


Acupressure massage 3D.DOTS supports the blood circulation in the lower part of the foot.


The air easily passes through 3D.DOTS regulating temperature and blood circulation in the midfoot. The contoured strap instep stimulates venous return and promotes the regeneration process.

 Ultra Strong:

Standard operating Compressport are simply unbeatable!

 Ultra comfort:

Patented Compressport fibers are soft and pleasant to the touch.

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